JustHost was founded in California in 2002, and was acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2012. We believe it was around this time that the company’s performance and reputation started to deteriorate, and today JustHost is generally considered to be a below-average web host.

There is a plethora of negative reviews about JustHost on the internet and many of the company’s customers didn’t hesitate to give a mere one star rating for its services. However, our review of JustHost is not solely based upon these reviews and we deemed it appropriate to give the company a fair chance by testing its services ourselves. We set up a WordPress site with the company’s shared hosting plan and thoroughly analyzed its several aspects such as uptime, loading speed, and customer support for a period of 8 months. Here’s what we found out about the company’s services and overall performance.

The Pros of JustHost

Quick Signup Process: Many web hosts usually incorporate a lengthy signup process and at times, may even require you to connect with the company over phone to verify your identity. Unlike these companies, JustHost offers an unusually quick and easy signup process for their premium packages, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. Although not a very remarkable one, it is still one of the perks associated with JustHost.

Money Back Guarantee: This is not really a distinguishing feature as it is a common practice in the web hosting industry, we’re still glad that the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee though. In case you feel unsatisfied with the company’s services, you can choose to cancel your subscription and get a refund.

Free Domain: All of the JustHost’s plans come with a free domain name; which is both a pro and a con at the same time. While it is certainly great to get a free domain, it may not be as useful for customers who have already purchased a domain name from a different company and are looking for web hosting only.

Extra Features: JustHost provides a number of convenient features with its hosting plans. All of their plans come with a powerful website builder that has several built in templates for your website. You also get ecommerce shopping carts and a $100 in Google credits. Moreover, JustHost can easily integrate with more than 100 open source applications.

Control Panel: JustHost’s dashboard is powered by cpanel, a common user interface widely used across the web hosting industry. It is a simple and minimalist, yet powerful and easy to navigate interface. Both beginner and advanced users find it equally convenient. JustHost offers a demo of the cpanel on its website.

The Cons of JustHost

Unfortunately, in the cons section of JustHost, you will find all the features that are supposed to be in the pros section of a good web host. This includes features such as uptime, loading speed, and customer support, all of which are absolutely crucial for the services of a web host to be considered worthwhile.

Uptime: Uptime refers to the amount of time that your site remains online. We came across hundreds of reviews that complained about JustHost’s terrible uptime; however, it was only after using their services ourselves that we realized those customer reviews were based on reality. Over the course of 8 months that we used the company’s hosting service, we found its average uptime to be 99.88%, which is far from impressive. If 99.88% sounds like a good percentage to you, let us put things into perspective by telling you this: a percentage of 99.88% means a downtime of about 3 full hours per month. The industry standard for uptime is about 99.94%, while JustHost ranks below-average with its average uptime of 99.88%.

Speed: Your website’s loading speed refers to the amount of time it takes for your site to load when someone types the address of your website in their browser. Speed is a very important factor for the credibility of a web host, satisfaction of a user, and the search engine ranking of the user’s website. Despite the great importance of loading speed, it seems like JustHost isn’t doing enough to excel in this regard. For the 8 months that we used the company’s hosting service, we measured its average loading speed to be 1180ms, much slower than the 985ms industry standard. For one of these 8 months; we recorded an average loading speed of 1560ms which is awfully slow and can have adverse effects on your website’s visitors and its ranking in the search engines.

Customer Support: Customer support is important to consider before you choose to host your website with a company, and it holds especially true for new webmasters as they are more likely to face several kinds of problems. Unfortunately, JustHost disappointed us here as well. We got on the live chat service and a representative showed up after about 9 minutes. In response to the several questions that we asked, we were provided either with links or with copy-paste answers that the representative was probably fetching from a manual. Furthermore, we analyzed reviews from dozens of other customers and realized that we were not the only ones to have received such customer support.

Pricing: While JustHost may seem very affordable with their standard shared hosting priced at $3.95/month, beware that you can only avail this price if you subscribe for 36 months. For terms shorter than that, the price will significantly rise and for a flat monthly subscription, the price can rise to almost double.


Comparing the pros and cons of JustHost, it can be concluded that it’s a below-average web host that is certainly not suitable for a website that means some serious business. The site lacks at key areas such as uptime and loading speed and is not the best in terms of pricing as well. Nonetheless, it won’t be a bad idea for new webmasters to try out this service considering its easy setup, and a bit of value this service offers by providing a free domain. However, if you’re website is important to you (which it very likely is), we won’t recommend using this service.

We Recommend Siteground

Weighing both the pros and cons of SiteGround, it can be concluded that SiteGround is one of the best webhosts overall. The most important aspects for a webhost to consider are their uptime, speed, customer support, and security; and SiteGround excels in all of these areas. SiteGround is amongst the most ideal webhosts in the market today.

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