Although not a very well-known web host, iPage has been around for almost 2 decades. The company was originally founded in 1998 and was later acquired by the EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2010. It has 2 data centers in the US is currently hosting over 1 million websites. iPage offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS in addition to their domain registration service.

There is a plethora of reviews about iPage on the internet and we found most of them to be full of complains. However, we decided to try out the company ourselves in order to craft a fair review for our readers. A WordPress website was setup by our research team on their shared hosting plan, and the website was closely monitored for a period of 12 months. Here are the results.

The Pros of iPage Hosting

Inexpensive Pricing: iPage web hosting service is really inexpensive. Their standard shared hosting costs only $1.99/month, making iPage one of the cheapest web hosts in the industry. Moreover, iPage doesn’t require you to subscribe for at least 3 years in order to avail their cheapest price (like most other web hosts do). You can avail the same $1.99/month for their shorter, 1 year plan as well.

Security: The security of your website is one of iPage’s top priorities. The company frequently scans its networks and has taken extra measures to make their data center highly secure. All their plans come with the free SiteLock Security, a premium tool for providing maximum security for your website. Moreover, the company performs free daily backups for you. So in case you lose any of your data due to a malicious attack, you can always restore your files from the backup.

Customer Support: Contrary to the many negative reviews about iPage’s customer support, we found it to be highly responsive and professional. The company’s representative connected with us within 2 minutes, listened to all our questions, and provided thorough support. We found the representative to be knowledgeable, responsive, and highly professional.

Transparent Pricing: Almost all webhosts advertise a cheap price on their website but when you try signing up, you’ll discover that the cheap price can only be availed if you subscribe for a minimum of three years. Not so with iPage. This company lets you avail the same cheap price for a shorter (1 year) pricing plan while with most other web hosts; the pricing plan for 1 year is slightly higher than the 3 year plan.

Extra Features: iPage offers a variety of valuable extra features, many of which are free of cost. iPage can be integrated easily with a variety of third party apps, particularly Google Apps. They also offer plenty of ecommerce options, as well as PayPal integration, which is crucial for ecommerce based websites. You also get access to a powerful website builder along with plenty of free templates. Moreover, you can get up to $200 worth of credit for marketing tools.

The Cons of iPage Hosting

Uptime: Uptime simply means the amount of time that your website remains online. It is a crucial factor for the success of your website. Unfortunately, we found the average uptime of iPage to be rather disappointing. We recorded the average uptime of iPage at 99.91% which is far from impressive and much lower than industry standard of 99.95%. As far as uptime is concerned, iPage is a below-average webhost.

Speed: Speed refers to the amount of time it takes for your website to load when someone types the address of your website in their browser. Speed is a critical factor for the satisfaction of your website’s visitors, as well as for the ranking of your website in search engines as well. Although iPage’s loading speed of 860ms is slightly faster than the industry standard of 985ms, it is still far from impressive. Many webhosts offer a loading speed between 500ms and 600ms.

Very Expensive Renewal: While it is true that iPage offers an attractive introductory price of $1.99/month, this price remains valid only for the first plan that you subscribe to. Upon renewal, you’ll find the prices rising up to $8.99/month, an increase of more than 400%. This downright cruel rise in the price is one of the main reasons why many people avoid using their service.

Expensive Domains: iPage is not only a web host but a domain registrar as well. The company offers a free domain name with all their packages including a 30 days money back guarantee. However, if you choose to cancel your subscription within the 30 days, a $15 fee will be imposed on you as the price of the domain name whereas domain names usually cost around $10.

No cPanel: cPanel is the standard control panel used in the web hosting industry. A control panel gives you an interface to monitor and control all aspects of your hosting account. cPanel is amongst the most popular because it is very to use and understand, even for new webmasters. iPage, on the other hand, doesn’t support cPanel and uses vDeck control panel instead. vDeck is their own modified version of the cPanel but it’s not even half as much convenient and user-friendly as the cPanel.


iPage is one of the cheapest web hosts in the industry offering a very attractive introductory price. The company offers tight security for your websites along with plenty of other features; however, these few pros and not as beneficial if we consider the cons of this company. iPage lacks in uptime and loading speed, two critical factors for a successful website. Another major con is the lack of cPanel, making it much harder for new webmasters getting used to the interface. Finally, the expensive renewal prices and domain names leave us no choice but to rank iPage as a below average webhost.

We Recommend Siteground

Weighing both the pros and cons of SiteGround, it can be concluded that SiteGround is one of the best webhosts overall. The most important aspects for a webhost to consider are their uptime, speed, customer support, and security; and SiteGround excels in all of these areas. SiteGround is amongst the most ideal webhosts in the market today.

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