This tutorial will show you how to easily download Youtube videos using YouTube Downloader. To learn how to download entire playlists, skip to the heading marked “Download Youtube playlist”.

Download Youtube Video

As test video, we will use #SELFIE (Official Music Video) – The Chainsmokers from The Chainsmokers official Youtube channel.

1) Right-click in the address bar and copy the address of the video you are trying to download.

Copy the video address

2) Go to:

3) Paste the Youtube link into the “Link” box. Do not click “Download”. Instead, scroll down the page.

Paste the YouTube link here

Here, you will be presented with different formats and qualities.

Avaliable formats in YouTube downloader

4) Click the quality you want, but mind the file size. If you want the Youtube video as MP3, scroll down and click the bitrate you want.

Avaliable Audio Format in YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube Playlist

This part of tutorial will show you how to download an entire Youtube playlist at once.

As the test playlist, we will use Old School R&B Hip Hop Rap Soul Youtube playlist with 54 videos created by Youtube user “nazarene st john”.

1) Right-click in the address bar and copy the address.

Download YouTube Playlists - Part 1

2) Go to:

3) Scroll down and paste the link in “Playlist Link” box. Don’t click “Download”. Select the quality you want. Leave other two options checked and wait for the page to load.

Download YouTube Playlists - Part 2

4) Scroll down the page and click the button to the right of each song you want to download. Note that some videos will be unavailable from that playlist, but you might find them elsewhere.

Download YouTube Playlists - Part 3