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bluehost Review

BlueHost has been in business for quite a while and hosts a significant number of websites. The company does offer an attractive introductory plan, tight security, and lots of extra features; however, it is not hard to see that the pros of BlueHost are clearly outweighed by its cons. The company lacks in key areas of uptime and speed, two vital elements for the success of your website. The pricing is only good if you choose to subscribe for at least 3 years, and they charge awfully high fees for training and site migrations. Considering the cheap price, we would have recommended it to new webmasters but it is fairly evident that new webmasters wouldn’t like engaging in a three year plan straight away. All in all, BlueHost is a below average web host which we don’t recommend.

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iPage Review

iPage is one of the cheapest web hosts in the industry offering a very attractive introductory price. The company offers tight security for your websites along with plenty of other features; however, these few pros and not as beneficial if we consider the cons of this company. iPage lacks in uptime and loading speed, two critical factors for a successful website. Another major con is the lack of cPanel, making it much harder for new webmasters getting used to the interface. Finally, the expensive renewal prices and domain names leave us no choice but to rank iPage as a below average webhost.

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InMotion Hosting Review

Like any other web hosting company, InMotion has its own pros and cons but upon weighing the two, it’s not hard to see that the company offers a great overall value despite its few minor cons. InMotion stands tall in the areas that matter most for a web hosting company such as uptime, speed, and customer support. The prices are also reasonable, making InMotion an ideal web host for any type and size of website.

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DreamHost Review

While it is true that DreamHost is amongst the most expensive webhosts in the industry, we think the price is justifiable considering the stellar uptime, loading speed, and customer support it offers; along with some other distinguishing features such as their 97 days money back guarantee. We’d like to add, though, that it is not a good option for new webmasters because it’d cost them too much and they should consider starting with a cheaper substitute. All in all, DreamHost offers awesome services and is one of the few hosts that we do recommend.

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1&1 Hosting Review

Considering the overall pros and cons of 1&1 hosting, it can be regarded as an average web host. It offers some unique features and great value to its customers, but lacks at some key areas such as loading speeds and ease of use. Nonetheless, considering its cheap prices and extra services offered, it is a good choice for new webmasters who want to get a feel of what it’s like to host a website.

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GoDaddy Review

While GoDaddy is a big name in the industry, their overall services are not as good as one would expect from a company of this stature. As great as it is as a domain registrar, the company needs a lot of improvement for its web hosting services. The company lacks greatly in customer support and loading speed, two of the key factors for the success of a web hosting company. While GoDaddy offers good value for new webmasters by offering a very affordable package, we suggest you find a better web host if you mean to do some serious business with your website.

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JustHost Review

Comparing the pros and cons of JustHost, it can be concluded that it’s a below-average web host that is certainly not suitable for a website that means some serious business. The site lacks at key areas such as uptime and loading speed and is not the best in terms of pricing as well. Nonetheless, it won’t be a bad idea for new webmasters to try out this service considering its easy setup, and a bit of value this service offers by providing a free domain. However, if you’re website is important to you (which it very likely is), we won’t recommend using this service.

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HostGator Review

While HostGator has been around for quite a while now and has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to their tremendous marketing budget, we don’t regard it as one of the best hosts around. It is suitable for beginning webmasters, though, due to their affordable prices and ease of use. However, if you have a site that is crucial for your business or online presence, there are many better options that you can consider.

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